Advance Praise for Bowery Boys: Our Fathers

“If I’d realized Cory Levine was this good when he was my editor I would have had him rewrite all my scripts. This comic is terrific”
Mark Millar
Writer, Kick-Ass, The Secret Service — Kingsman, Starlight, Wanted, Civil War, Wolverine, The Ultimates

“I was drawn in from the first page. Highly recommended.”
Mark Waid
Writer, Avengers, Daredevil, Fantastic Four, Superman: Birthright, The Flash

Bowery Boys is a wicked tear of a comic, manic energy mixed with smart, socially-aware writing that makes 19th-century New York leap off the page. This is Gangs Of New York with edge and verve.”
Brian Wood
Writer, Rebels, Demo, DMZ, Northlanders

“History never hit so hard as Bowery Boys. Levine, Bertram and McKee roll up their sleeves in turn of the century Manhattan in and things get delightfully brutal. If you like The Knick or Gangs of New York¸ this book is for you!”
Nick Lowe
Group Editor, Marvel Entertainment

“With Bowery Boys: Our Fathers, Levine, Bertram, McKee and Avilés have crafted something unique — a blend of historical drama, over-the-top action, American faith, and social change. The characters live, bleed, and die on the page. The story zags when you think it’s about to zig, and the art never fails to sing. This is New York like you’ve never seen before, and it is horrifying and glorious.”
John Barber
Senior Editor, IDW Publishing

“The First Edition Team of Levine, Bertram, McKee and Avilés tells their story with such passion that it grabs you and drags you in! Once you start reading you won’t put it down. Bowery Boys: Our Fathers was an engaging and compelling read. I will be proud to stock it on our shelves!”
Ralph DiBernardo
Owner, Jetpack Comics & Games, Rochester, NH

Bowery Boys is a well-researched period piece inspired by one of the more interesting facets of New York’s bloody history. Levine’s story of capitalism vs. unions, complete with underpinnings of racism and classicism, is still relevant today, giving this book a modern day necessity. Bertram, McKee and Avilés’ art is beautiful throughout, and beautifully violent when necessary.”
Jason Rodriguez
Writer, Try Looking Ahead; Editor, Colonial Comics

“A compelling and entertaining read, that left me fascinated with a period I knew very little about going in. Levine scripts a tight plot and memorable characters, Bertram and McKee bring 19th century New York to gloriously grim life, warts, bloody-knuckled bruises and all.”
Sebastian Girner
Editor, Marvel Entertainment and Image Comics

“With Bowery Boys creators Cory Levine and Ian Bertram do historical fiction like it oughta be done; rough, unflinching, down and dirty, but also distinctly human. It’s a violent, affecting exploration of New York’s cultural melting pot brought to a dangerous boil and what it takes to thrive, or sometimes just survive, in America. In other words, it’s just the kind of book we could use right about now.”
Jake Thomas
Writer, The Dead Dream Machine; Editor, Marvel Entertainment

“A heart-filled, brass knuckled account of mid-nineteenth century New York gangland brought to life in stunning detail. Bowery Boys excels on every level.”
Jody LeHeup
Editor, Marvel Entertainment and Valiant Entertainment

“To my knowledge, the comic medium has not yet explored the social and political conflict of the labor rights struggle in antebellum New York City. Bowery Boys: Our Fathers is not only an exhilarating educational experience, but also an exceptional example of how effective the format of graphic literature can be. Cory Levine pens a tale encapsulating the social strife of the time while creating complex characters who personify the different factions involved. Ian Bertram’s art style is original and vibrant. The architecture and atmosphere of the Bowery district is thrilling; the immense research involved in the project is evident, but it does not detract from the human element of the story as a whole. I learned a great deal about this time period from Levine and Bertram’s book, and I look forward to promoting it in my shop upon its release in August.”
Brad Gile
Stairway to Heaven Comics, Exeter, NH